About Me:

I'm Carly, a misanthropic saxophonist who struggles with everything. I'm a uni student in Plymouth, studying music and I live in Exeter. I have interests in Corsets and Netflix. I will endeavour to amuse you. :)


Truth is you’re not really a friend if I only get to see you when you want.

I constantly feel like a “you’ll do when I’m not with my way cooler friends who I’l talk about incessantly the whole time we’re together” friend. Fuck yuu alll.

So. Much. Dysphoria. I’m literally in such a depressed hole right now I can’t function.

But I’m trying to do something each day like get out on my board and skate to the shop/pub. 


shyfluffy replied to your post “My depression is not a valid reason for being unable to complete university work, however if I were to become “physically sick” I could reasonably have an extension. Isn’t life backwards.”

My ‘favorite’ reaction to my depression is “Well most people are depressed sometimes.” Makes me want to punch people.

SAME! It’s obviously that I’m just being a bit down in the dumps, going out and getting exercise is absolutely the cure to my dysphoria educed depression, don’t sweat it. Only problem is I can’t punch my parents…